Our Services

Diamatrix Planning provides expert advisory services in a wide range of town planning areas, including:

  • Preparation of Planning Applications
  • Planning Feasibility Assessment
  • Pre-project and pre-application guidance;
  • Planning appeals – VCAT submissions & representation;
  • Submission of objections;
  • Consultation to Councils;
  • General planning advice.

Preparation of Planning Applications

We prepare planning documents required for submission of planning applications to the Council for different types of applications, including the following: Dual occupancies, Multi-unit developments and apartments, Aged Care Facilities, Medical Centres , Service Station, Major Advertising Signs, Place of Assembly / Worship, Liquor Licence, Car parking dispensation to facilitate different types of us, Vegetation removal, Subdivision.

We also represent clients during the planning process which may involve the following:

  • Liaison with council officers
  • Conducting the statutory advertising
  • Consultation with objectors/residents
  • Advice regarding plan changes if necessary
  • Representation of clients at council meetings

Planning Feasibility Assessment

Diamatrix Planning can provide you with a Planning Feasibility Report which will identify all planning issues that may be applicable to a particular property. The report will cover all relevant planning issues relating to the property and may include a development potential assessment of the site. Property purchase or development can be costly especially if the correct advice is not sought relating to the objective for the purchase.

Pre-Project & Development Concept Guidance

Diamatrix Planning provides development concept advice including:

  • Pre-purchase advice to identify relevant planning controls and development potential of land;
  • Preliminary advice in the design stage of a development proposal;
  • Attendance and representation at pre-application meetings with Council to identify potential areas of concern to be addressed prior to submitting a planning application.

Represent at VCAT

Diamatrix Planning has extensive experience in lodging applications on behalf of clients at the Victorian Civil & Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) and in providing expert representation to both applicants and or affected stakeholders. The success rate of Diamatrix Planning at VCAT is high.
Based on our principle of absolute honesty to clients, Diamatrix Planning will tell you the probability of a successful outcome after the initial assessment of the matter and will recommend ways by which the probability of a successful outcome can be increased. Diamatrix Planning will never be afraid to express our professional opinion because we want to take your instruction.

Submission of Objections

Diamatrix Planning can prepare submissions of objection to proposed use and development of land on behalf of affected stakeholders. Expert representation can take away emotions from planning objections and focus mainly on the planning merits and concerns. This can assist in the discussion of planning matters, including the justification for or against a use/development based on professional opinion.

Consultation to Councils

Diamatrix Planning offers extensive experience in undertaking Council’s overload jobs relating to the assessment of planning applications on behalf of Council officers and in the preparation of planning reports

General Town Planning Advice

Diamatrix Planning provides general planning advice on current planning legislation in Victoria relating to use and development of land.


Diamatrix Planning has extensive experience in mediation and negotiation with planning authorities, councils, objectors and local communities. We often provide advice to those in the planning application process (planning applicants and objectors) regarding the suitability of a proposed design or land use.



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